5 Tips to Achieve Glowing Holiday Skin

The holidays are a joyous time of year filled with family, friends and of course all the social events! Unfortunately, one thing that can impact your plans and festive looks is the dreaded Winter Skin. Dryness, irritability, redness and pronounced signs of aging are just a few of the concerns it can bring but fortunately, I high-performance skincare routine is an easy way to keep it at bay. GO Beauty is here to share 5 Tips (and products!) to keep your skin glowing, nourishing and radiant all season long.


  1. Keep skin hydrated

    1. As temperatures cool and you’re running your heater indoors, essential moisture is pulled from skin, compromising your barrier and bringing on a plethora of irritability concerns. Staying hydrating won’t just offset dryness, it will help your skin achieve overall balance for a plump, dewy appearance with less visible fine lines and wrinkles and a firmer more elastic look.
    2. We recommend: Hydro Revival Daily Triple Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum
      1. This hydrating daily facial serum is great for dry & fragile skin and addresses dry patches, dullness and sagging skin with 3 forms of Hyaluronic Acid, 7 peptides and Hydrolyzed Collagen. Inspired by Korean serums and ampoules, it's a powerful hydrating and anti-aging serum that plumps lines and provides multi-tasking anti-aging skin benefits.


  1. Use a restorative nighttime skin treatment

    1. Your skin is exposed to a lot of stress and harmful stressors throughout the day. Fortunately, as we sleep our skin regenerates and incorporating a corrective night serum into your routine will help boost renewal and rejuvenation of tired complexions that could use a lift.
    2. We recommend: Modern Miracle Nightly EGF Reparative Face Serum
      1. This potent, nightly skin-repairing facial serum is great for dry skin and addresses sagging skin, aging skin and wrinkles with the powerful peptide EGF and active probiotics to help offset skin damage and increase radiance. Inspired by Korean serums and ampoules, it's a powerful anti-aging serum with multi-tasking skin benefits.


  1. Keep your skin defended from the elements

    1. While SPF and protective coverings reign supreme, boosting your daily routine with potent antioxidant-rich skincare can help offset some of the damage caused by free radicals, pollution and even the light emitted from our electronic devices. Plus, they help calm and soothe compromised skin barriers for a balanced, less inflamed complexion.
    2. We recommend: Pure Vitality CoQ10 Daily Antioxidant Defense Face Serum
      1. This defensive daily antioxidant facial serum is great for sensitive & fragile skin and addresses skin damage, dark spots and uneven skin tone with CoQ10, Adenosine and Snow Mushroom. Inspired by Korean serums and ampoules, it's a powerful anti-aging serum that helps inflamed skin with multi-tasking anti-aging skin benefits.


  1. Keep skin illuminated and firm for any holiday makeup looks

    1. The holidays are the perfect time to get glam! Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing visible signs of damage like fine line and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone or sagging skin, it can make a smooth application all the more difficult. Incorporating an age-defying vitamin C treatment will have to keep skin firm, bright and visibly more even-toned.
    2. We recommend: Glowing Essence Daily Vitamin C Brightening Face Serum
      1. This brightening daily facial serum with Vitamin C is great for sensitive skin and addresses dark spots and skin damage, dull and uneven tone and defends from environmental stressors with antioxidants and 7 peptides. Inspired by Korean serums and ampoules, it's a powerful brightening and anti-aging serum with multi-tasking Vitamin C skin benefits.


  1. Keep your skin barrier calm and soothed

    1. Your moisture barrier has a big job defending skin from damage making it extremely important to ensure it’s supported at all costs. A stressed, compromised skin barrier results in inflammation which can manifest itself in the form of redness, discomfort, premature aging, dryness and even acne. Keeping it calm ensures you’re preparing it to look its best for the holiday and able to ward off Winter Skin.
    2. We recommend: Eternal Beauty Daily Niacinamide Renewing Face Serum
      1. This powerful daily skin-renewing facial serum is great for oily or combination skin and addresses large pores, aging skin and inflamed skin concerns with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to help calm redness and promote an even skin tone. Inspired by Korean serums and ampoules, it's a powerful anti-aging serum with multi-tasking skin benefits.


While holidays can lead to us feeling a bit of stress, your skin doesn’t have to! A solid, treatment-oriented skincare routine is the easiest way to achieve glowing skin all season long with powerful ingredients like Peptides, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinimade.


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