5 Essential Skincare Ingredients for The New Year

New Year, new start, right? January is often looked at as Skincare Month as we’re exiting the holiday season and getting our skin back in check after all the holiday fun and festivities. For many of us we’re trying new products, new ingredients and offsetting the concerns that come along with the cooler month through our skincare however, there are a few staple ingredients we strongly believe are staples. If these 5 Essential Skincare Ingredients for The New Year aren’t already in your rotation, we strongly recommend getting on board with them!

  1. Peptides

    1. Peptides (or polypeptides) are chains of amino acids that act as the building blocks for proteins essential in optimal skin health, appearance and function. Some of the most commonly recognized proteins include collagen, elastin and keratin (of which our skin is heavily made up of). These proteins are responsible for keeping skin looking firm, plump and elastic. Their benefits are endless and range from moisture retention, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and firming and toning of sagging skin.
      1. Our Favorite: EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) – scientifically proven to regenerate skin cells and rejuvenate the complexion.
      2. Find it in: Modern Miracle Nightly EGF Reparative Face Serum
        1. S. each of our facial serums is packed with multiple forms of peptides!
  1. Vitamin C

    1. Vitamin C is one of the gold standards when it comes to fighting skin aging concerns like wrinkles, uneven skin tone and most notably hyperpigmentation. It’s also a powerful defender against free radicals, pollution and the visible signs of skin damage caused by exposure to UV.
      1. Our Favorite: SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) – a stable, oil-soluble derivitave perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types
      2. Find it in: Glowing Essence Daily Vitamin C Brightening Face Serum
  1. Niacinamide

    1. Niacinamide is really one of those “does it all” skincare ingredients. It doesn’t just brighten the complexion, it calms visible redness, minimized the appearance of enlarged pores and is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin to achieve optimal balance and radiance.
      1. Find it in: Eternal Beauty Daily Niacinamide Renewing Serum
  1. Hyaluronic Acid

    1. Hyaluronic Acid is something naturally found in our skin and responsible for hydration and a plump, smooth appearance to skin. Unfortunately, as we age is depletes and can cause our barrier to become compromised which leads to skin dehydration, premature aging and uneven texture. It’s crucial as we age to apply it topically!
      1. Our Favorite: Our Triple Hyaluronic Acid complex which combines 3 different molecular weights to penetrate deeper into the skin, hydrating multiple layers vs just the surface
      2. Find it in: Daily Triple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Face Serum
  1. Antioxidants

    1. Each day skin is exposed to all types of damaging stressors like pollution, free radicals, UV and more. Incorporating powerful antioxidants into your daily skincare routine will help boost skins defenses from aging concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes and hyperpigmentation while helping reverse the signs of visible damage already present.
      1. Our Favorite: Coenzyme Q10 aka CoQ10 – an ultra-potent ingredient that is proven to not only defend but invigorate the skin to help it renew itself
      2. Find it in: Pure Vitality Daily CoQ10 Antioxidant Defense Face Serum

Change can be good but sometimes we need to take the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality with staple ingredients and products.

Are any of these already in your routine? If not, which are you most looking forward to incorporating in the New Year? Follow us on Instagram @GOBeauty and let us know!