We combine the power of pure, natural ingredients with safe,up-to-the-moment science (Green Technology) to give you potent skincare that offers the most effective damage repair and environmental protection.




    Our mission is to bring you the best our world has to offer in skincare treatments that dramatically repair visible damage
    and protect your skin from future assault. We will push the limits of scientific advancement without sacrificing safety,
    non-toxicity, and gentleness. We will cultivate the hidden gems of pure, green nature while protecting our planet.
    Combining these elements of science and nature in new ways, we will offer you luxurious skincare that nourishes, restores,
    and maintains youthful-looking, well-aging skin throughout your life.

    It starts with a commitment to ethical standards beyond our headquarters and includes the partners and suppliers we
    work with throughout the world. Because we understand that what’s not in our formulas is just as important as what is,
    careful consideration and research of each ingredient is standard practice. We use scientifically proven ingredients.
    And our formulas are responsibly sourced with fair labor standards followed, and our products and raw materials are never
    tested on animals. Our products include potent concentrations of actives, innovative technology such as plant stem cells,
    peptides, radical antioxidant cocktails, natural minerals, skin conditioning agents, and soothing botanical extracts.




      — Go Beauty’s premium EGF Ampoule delivers the world’s first formula that combines the most potent growth factors,
      probiotics, and snail secretion filtrate with innovative ingredient technology to dramatically improve skin tone and texture.
      — Backed by science, empowered by nature. Go Beauty combines innovative and premium ingredients with the
      latest ingredient technology to deliver visible results.
      — Formulas are developed with ultra-pure and highly effective ingredients sourced around the world including
      South Korea and regions in Africa.
      — Using cutting-edge Green Technology with powerful and exotic ingredients, Go Beauty’s multi-functional ampoules
      are designed to transform your skin without irritation.
      — Cruelty-Free, always. We care for the world and all of its inhabitants. Although we are not a vegan brand, we ensure all
      ingredients are ethically and morally sourced. 


      No Harmful Ingredients, Ethanol Free, Parabens Free, Mineral Oil-Free,
      Aluminum-Free, Cruelty-Free, Phthalates Free, Sulfate Detergent Free,
      No Artificial Color, Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Packaging