Go Beauty Brings A Fresh Approach To Prestige Skincare Innovation –
The Purity Of Nature Meets Advanced Technology

GO BEAUTY is an innovative prestige skincare line of high-impact treatment products that combine the most technologically advanced elements of science and nature without sacrificing safety, non-toxicity, ethics and gentleness. Each multipurpose and thoughtfully curated product was created to diminish the sins of the past by improving radiance and protecting well-aging skin for the on-the-go consumer.

Inspired by 35 years of skincare research and winning innovations from their partners and chemists in South Korea, Go Beauty formulas are developed with sustainably-sourced, ultra-pure and highly effective ingredients around the world including South Korea and regions in Africa. Combining potent botanical and bio-technological ingredients creates a cascade of vital energy for skin cells. Dark spots diminish and skin tones even out, as you reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and skin damage.

Our mission is to bring you the best our world has to offer in skincare treatments that dramatically repair visible damage and protect your skin from future assault. We will push the limits of scientific advancement without sacrificing safety, non-toxicity, and gentleness. We will cultivate the hidden gems of pure, green nature while protecting our planet. Combining these elements of science and nature in new ways, we will offer you luxurious skincare that nourishes, restores, and maintains youthful-looking, well-aging skin throughout your life.”

We source key nature ingredients from around the world by still ensuring clean, cruelty-free

The clean movement is something we fully support and to us, the exclusion of things like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other ingredients that don’t provide a direct benefit to skin is a consistent thread in each of our products. K-Beauty is well known for its dedication to using pure, natural ingredients and excluding harsh chemicals which is exactly why Go Beauty’s formulas are created by an esteemed group of South Korean chemists – experts in ingredient integrity right down to sourcing and manufacturing practices. Their decades of research and innovative practices ensure our customers are able to enjoy responsible ingredients that repair, fortify and transform their skin without sacrificing safety or ethical beliefs. From concept to execution, there is never animal testing involved, exposure to toxins or ingredient harvesting practices that could negatively impact our communities. To us, protecting the planet is just as important as protecting our skin.



To make a long story short, our products are formulated with only ingredients that we trust. You will NEVER
find harsh, harmful ingredients in our products. We have made it our mission to exclude Parabens, Talc, Irritating
Sulfates, Harsh Colorants, Polyethylene Beads, or Nanoparticle Technology from our formulas.


GO: Transform your relationship with your skin

GO: See visible, real results

GO: Trust what ingredients you put on your skin

GO: Feel confident in the skin you’re in

GO: look you young